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Wisanggeni Takon Bapa
Wisanggeni Takon Bapa
Pentas Wayang Orang
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Over Pitoyo Amrih

Pitoyo Amrih

NovelWayang PitoyoAmrih

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Wayang Solo


NovelWayang PitoyoAmrih




Wayang Solo
Beschreibung: Sebuah dokumentasi bagaimana negara lain mengapresiasi wayang.
Komentar author film di laman vimeo:
Photography by myself
Wayang Orang is a Traditional Dance from Java, Indonesia
Frankly, I do salute to all actors and actress who play this dance.
They perform everyday except Sunday without any rehearse. With minimum Salary, they never complaint and always perform with a smile and happiness. Thats a great dedication to a culture and tradition anyway. It was very nice to know them closely.
diunggah di laman oleh Danny Connor
Schlüsselwörter: Wayang, orang, solo
Datum: 21.10.2014 13:00
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